Our customers continuously require an interpretation of the various valid administrative stipulations, whether to open a business, a branch; or even to participate in proceedings with the federal, local or municipal government.

In this way, the services imply from consultancy services related to the interpretation and application of the administrative laws and procedures, to participation in administrative litigation matters before the various judicial and administrative authorities.

For example, bidding processes, granting of licenses, permits, immigration proceedings, authorizations before multiple administrative entities.

Intellectual Property services include the processing, protection and defense of patents; utility models; industrial models and designs; trademarks, trade notices and names; copyrights, as well as data, industrial secrets and other intangible rights protections; whether in Mexico or through our correspondents around the world.

The services include all kinds of proceedings and promotions, to contentious matters before the administrative authority or judicial power.

Services include consultancy for the corporate structure which best suits our customers, as well as drafting agreements and contracts; administrating the corporate life of companies; protecting the interests of our customers in Minutes of Meetings, negotiations as well as any other business or trade relationships; among others.

Our services substantiate all kinds of civil and mercantile litigations related to the commercial evolution of individuals and legal entities, including corporate life, such as Minutes of Meetings, nonfulfillment of contracts, as well as real estate regulations or any other personal or real estate rights.

Tax services include consultancy required for the due operation of the business of our customers; this includes support in tax matters enabling our customers to comply with their obligations within the valid legal framework.

With the above, the services range from processing procedures to remedies or authorizations required by tax authorities.

Also, the firm has an area that enables exercising the actions required for the tax defense of its customers; including submitting reviews by authorities, filing remedies as well as substantiating litigations before the tax and judicial authorities.

Comprehensive services aimed at satisfying the performing parties in the real estate market, including various structures which enable real estate transactions, as well as administrative and judicial proceedings related to these Law areas.

Services include real estate developers, hotel operators, investors in real estate, lessors and constructing companies.

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