The main purpose of business consultancy is profitability and growth of our customers.

Within the business consultancy services, we offer those of financial consultancy and strategic planning, which when developed by specialists outside the firm being assessed, are objective and impartial.

The following are some of the most significant services offered:

It is essential to have, in writing, the intention of an organization so that the words of a general manager are not left to the interpretation of the people. So, we have a team of specialists who help identifying the mission of the company, as well as its vision and institutional values. From the above, we can outline the organizational culture which will help us define the profiles of individuals incorporating. Also, it gives us the structure for strategic planning, where clear, measurable, reachable targets are established for the sustainable growth of the organization.

Determination, together with the customer, of targets and purposes in the medium and long term, identifying the resources, activities and means which the company must have, perform and implement in order to achieve the specified purposes. The outcome is the drafting of a financial medium and long-term plan.

It includes the analysis and understanding of the business, along with the redesign of the organization chart and organic statutes, as well as establishing policies, rules and proceedings enabling the standardization of processes.

Principalmente para salir de una situación crítica y para el establecimiento de las bases para la permanencia y crecimiento de un negocio.

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